Our Services

Our services are mainly focused, but not limited to those outlined below.

Website Design

From concept to completion, we will provide you with a website that effectively markets your business as you intended. We take your ideas and content and transform them into the perfect weapon in your fight to be a leader in your industry. Fresh and inspiring Website layouts will ensure your company's image oozes professionalism and attractiveness. Partner this with industry demanding responsiveness, we ensure your website works perfectly no matter what device your customers view it on.

A website is only effective if it can attract new business, and we therefore provide search engine optimisations of all our websites. Ensuring that they are found easily on popular search engines. We also provide statistics for every website, so that our clients can monitor the performance and effectiveness of their product.

Website Development

Not all websites are the same, and some websites need a little bit more to make it effective. Allowing customers to view large quantities of product, enabling customers to log on and place orders, maintaining your stock control via your website. These are some of the various modules that websites these days require. We can provide these for you.

With knowledge in the latest programming language, and database software, we can transform your ordinary static website into a working sales tool. Give your customers the flexibility of shopping online, or just to chat to friends online. Allow them to post comments on a blog, the possibilities are endless, and we have the know how to make that happen.

Software Development

We realise the individual needs of any business in this high tech era, and understand that off the shelf software sometimes do not cater for individual requirements. We therefore offer unique software development solutions to our clients.

Our software solutions include Intranets, Booking Systems, Queuing Systems, Wage Calculation Systems, Stock Control Systems, Staff Management Software, Time Management Software, KPA Assessment Solutions and our list grows longer and longer as we encounter new and more demanding solutions from our clients.

Isn't it time you got rid of those old Excel spreadsheets and started streamlining your business ensuring document security and effective, efficient time management in your day to day operations?.

Website Hosting

While most Service Providers offer this highly accessible service, we have realised that price is never a good compromise for quality. International hosting services are a dime a dozen, and can provide the same service, but we have come to understand the industry well enough to know that when our clients pay for a service they should never be left in a helpless situation.

With Emails playing such a vital role in today's business environment, can you afford to be without it for a day or longer? We host all our Websites on Local Servers (Within South Africa) ensuring your website is faster and more accessible, with reliable bandwidth and 24/7 Support.

Give us a call and we will tailor make a hosting solution for you.